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Kentucky Equality Federation is a proud member of the International Lesbian and Gay Association.


  • Reporting a Hate Crime


Kentucky Equality Federation acts as a "buffer" between minority communities and the police; we are also campaigning for better resources to address hate crimes.


It's a sad fact but many people living with homophobic hate crime are so used to it that they fear that they will not be taken seriously if they report it. Some of us have had bad experiences in reporting incidents, others fear being outed or reprisals from their perpetrators. However, unless people do report hate crime, there will be no true record of the extent of the problem and nothing will be done to address the problem.


We will do everything possible and necessary to protect your privacy, and we will ensure your constitutional freedoms, rights, and liberties are protected.







What county did this occur in?
What city did this occur in?

Please tell us exactly what happened, remember, details are very important:

Once you have submitted this page you will be redirected to our Committee Page.  A representative from Kentucky Equality Federation will be in contact with you shortly.