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Kentucky Equality Federation is a proud member of the International Lesbian and Gay Association.

The Kentucky Equality Federation would not be able to function without people who want to change our commonwealth's future.  There are a number of way you can help us bring equality and fairness to Kentucky:
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Kentucky Equality Federation's Board of Directors Urges Positive Community Action if the Westboro Baptist Church protest in Louisville or Owensboro03/05/2011:  The Louisville Courier-Journal reports that the Members of Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas have announced plans for protests Sunday at a Louisville parish and three Owensboro churches. They claim, if they show-up that they will target two Catholic and two Protestant churches, claiming that "God hates Catholics" and "God hates lying false prophets" using slurs against gay people, his Holiness the Pope and others.

The announced three protests on Sunday morning are to take place in Owensboro at the Blessed Mother Catholic Church Blessed because of the suicide outside the church last month of a young man who left a final note describing the trauma of being sexually abused.

The Westboro Baptist church, led by Fred Phelps which has less an 80 members will then target the Owensboro Christian Church and Bellevue Baptist Church.

The Westboro Baptist Church says it will then picket the St. Lawrence Catholic Church in Louisville just before its afternoon Mass.

On February 04, 2011 our Board of Directors, led by Chairman Richard T. Jones, passed a Resolution urging citizens and organizations in the Commonwealth planning counter protests that we unanimously believe will transform these events into a positive one instead of a negative one by engaging the community to get involved and support local and statewide organizations for people suffering with HIV or AIDS.

We urge you to make donations to one or more of the following organizations; a link for which can be located on our below (please watch the video below for complete instructions):

 - House of Ruth:
 - AIDS Volunteers, Inc. (AVOL):
 - The Wings Clinic:
 - Moveable Feast:
 - Louisville AIDS Walk:

If there is a place on these websites to make the donation “In Honor Of," on “Behalf of,” or “In Memory of,” we urge you to place: Westboro Baptist Church. We know economic times are tough, but Kentuckians always rise together and stand united when faced with threats, hatred, or dogma coming from outside our sovereign borders….. surely, everyone can spare $5.00 - $10.00.

After you make your donation, if you email one of our Board members will place your name, the organization you donated to, and the amount on our website and mail a final copy to the Westboro Baptist Church, thanking them for helping us raise money for HIV and AIDS.

As Kentuckians we have our disagreements and fights, but no organization or entity, especially one seeking noting but media attention, can enter the boarders of our Commonwealth spreading hate, lies, and intolerance without opposition. We urge you to make your opposition in the form of life saving donations to one of the HIV/AIDS listed above!

We also extend our thanks to Gretchen Bell and David Taffet, a staff writer with the Dallas Voice.

Thank you, and as always, we fight as Kentuckians!

 - Kentucky Equality Federation Press Release

 - People who Donated (totals)

NOTICE:  From over 11 emails, we will answer, neither Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer nor Chairman Richard T. Jones are HIV+ they do NOT have HIV/AIDS. However, the Westboro Baptist Church believes HIV/AIDS is a blessing so that is why our Board of Directors want donations for HIV/AIDS Organizations in Kentucky.