Marriage Equality Kentucky™ is a grassroots movement that seeks legal recognition of gender-neutral marriage throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.




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Why Marriage?

Currently, same-sex couples in Kentucky do not have the freedom to marry the person they love.  As a result, the following benefits are denied by the Commonwealth:


  • Accidental death benefit for the surviving spouse of a government employee;

  • Appointment as guardian of a minor;

  • Beneficial owner status of corporate securities;

  • Bill of Rights benefits for victims and witnesses;

  • Consent to post-mortem examination;

  • Control, division, acquisition, and disposition of community property;

  • Criminal injuries compensation;

  • Death benefit for surviving spouse for government employee;

  • Disclosure of vital statistics records;

  • Eligibility for housing opportunity allowance program of the Housing, Finance and Development Corporation;

  • Exemption from claims of Department of Human Services for social services payments, financial assistance, or burial payments;

  • Exemption from conveyance tax;

  • Family violence prevention and services;

  • Funeral leave for government employees;

  • Income tax deductions, credits, rates exemption, and estimates;

  • Insurance licenses, coverage, eligibility, and benefits;

  • Legal status with partner’s children;

  • Making partner medical decisions;

  • Payment of wages to a relative of deceased employee;

  • Payment of worker's compensation benefits after death;

  • Permission to make arrangements for burial or cremation;

  • Public assistance from the Cabinet for Health and Family Services;

  • Right to change names;

  • Right to inherit property;

  • Rights and proceedings for involuntary hospitalization and treatment;

  • Spousal privilege and confidential marriage communications;

  • Tax relief for natural disaster losses; 




  We are a group sponsored by Kentucky Equality Federation. Marriage Equality Kentucky™ is also a member of Kentucky Equality Federation.

  Marriage Equality Kentucky™ recognizes the President of Kentucky Equality Federation as our ex-officio President, and our Senior Adviser. Since we are an un-incorporated group, Kentucky Equality Federation covers any expenses we may have, but we have our own Constitution, volunteer Managing Director and other volunteers that control day-to-day operations and decisions.


   Our Focus Group appoints our managing director and acts similar to incorporated companies Board of Directors.

Marriage Equality Kentucky supports United We Stand - Kentucky's Source for LGBTI News. Gay journalism is extremely important to our movement, its history, and our entire community.